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Frame Size
Rated Output Power(W)
Holding Torque(Nm)
Supply Voltage(V)
Control Modes
Communication Ports
Encoder Feedback
Encoder Type
Heat Sink
Reduction Ratio

Why Choose MOONS' integrated motors?

Fusing a motor with its controlling electronics in one single device does more than just eliminate the cost and bulk of the extra wiring. MOONS' integrated motors improve efficiency, reliability, and electromagnetic compatibility. Also, the torque curves for the integrated motors eliminate guesswork. With the indexer/controller, driver, motor, and feedback already combined, the rest of the system integration is simplified. why Choose MOONS' integrated motors?
The videos are provided by Applied Motion Products, Inc.--a MOONS' company

TSM integrated stepper VS open-loop stepper

TSM Series Integrated Step-Servo Motor:
As the Next Evolution in Step Motor Technology, TSM series integrated motors offer the same high-torque-at-low-speed and excellent holding torque characteristics, with the advantages of true closed-loop control. These advantages include the ability to create peak torques up to 50% higher than open loop motors, as well as cooler and quieter operation.

For more details, see the Product Details section on individual product pages.
STM Series Integrated Stepper Motor:
The space-saving design of STM series eliminates wiring and help you realized a better cost saving over the conventional motor and drive solutions. With the built-in encoder option, STM integrated motor can be used for Stall Detection or Stall Prevention. Be different with STM-R series, STM series support multiple control options.

STM-R Series Integrated Stepper Motor:
The STM-R integrated steppers are designed for step & direction (or pulse & direction) control. They are the economical version of STM series.

the space-saving design of MOONS' integrated stepper motor

The Questions You May Concern About

What is the advantage of having a built-in encoder for STM series?Expand ∨
The built-in encoder option that is available on our integrated stepper motors can be used for Stall Detection or Stall Prevention. These encoder functions allow for the integrated drive to either fault (in the case of Stall Detection mode) or to slow down the step motor in order to increase the torque output (in the case of Stall Prevention mode) when the encoder feedback indicates that the motor is stalling or near stalling. Stall Detection in combination with Q programming allows for the integrated stepper to perform a hard-stop homing routine, thereby eliminating the need for an external home sensor. The encoder counts may also be used within Q programs or by a 3rd party host controller/HMI over a network connection.
Can I build a integrated stepper motor with the parts from MOONS'? Expand ∨
You need to find the following things:
1. SR3-Mini stepper motor drive
SR3-Mini is one kind of MOONS’ new designed stepper motor drivers. Its special ultra-compact design would allow user to mount anywhere.
2. Incremental Encoder
You could find the encoder made by CUI in our website. This encoder has selectable resolutions up to 2048 PPR.
3. Dual shaft stepper motor
MOONS' Dual shaft stepper motor would be your great choice.
4. Mount Bracker
Here is a 3D model for your reference (Stepper motor plus SR3-Mini Stepper Drive):
3D model
In my application, some water may splash on the motor. Is this a suitable application for an integrated motor? Expand ∨
Be sure to use an IP65 rated integrated motor such as SWM24 or TXM24/34 series. These motors are sealed so that water and dust cannot get inside and damage the motor or electronics. They use M12 style cables which are also water tight.

Integrated Stepper Motors

The STM fused step motor and drive technologies into a single device, offering savings on space, wiring and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. With the controller, STM has more control options, and stall detection and stall prevention functions.

Integrated Servo Motors

The integrated servo motors are used to create decentralized motion control solutions in very compact units. They consist of a servo motor, feedback sensor and drive/controller system.

Integrated Step-Servo Motors

The Step-Servo enhances the stepper motors with servo technology to create a product with exceptional feature and broad capability.